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I Am Grounded (Ebook)

I Am Grounded 

Written By Vennes Thiyaka

Illustrated by Andrea Sanz

Format - EPUB / PDF 


Story Description

Ben loved his mother very much and never wanted to do anything to upset her. He was creative and used his free time well. However, one day he went overboard and made his mother angry. At the end of the story, you will find out what Ben learned from his mistakes and whether his mother eventually forgiven him.


Character Traits

Active. Adventurous. Brave. Calm. Capable. Caring. Compassionate. Clever. Cooperative. Courageous. Creative. Curious. Determine. Efficient. Energetic. Enduring. Enthusiastic. Forgiving. Independent. Kindness. Loving. Obedient. Patient. Persistent. Polite. Quick. Reflective Respectful. Responsible. Supportive

I Am Grounded (Ebook)

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