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Smiley the Lion (Ebook)

Smiley the Lion

Written by Vennes Thiyaka

Illustrated by Magical Creations Studio

Format - EPUB / PDF


Story Description

Smiley the Lion was happy, kind and full of love. He enjoyed walking through the woods and talking to his friends. He had an indicator that showed the amount of love he had, and it would gradually decrease when he used his energy. One afternoon, he became exhausted and his smile was gone. At the end of the story, you'll find out how Smiley smiled again and his love was restored.


Character Traits

Availability. Brave. Calm. Capable. Caring. Careful. Cautious. Compassionate. Confident. Considerate. Cooperative. Courageous. Curious. Determine. Diligent. Discretion. Encouragement. Enduring. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Faithful. Goodness. Gentleness. Gratitude. Helpful. Hopeful. Humble. Independent. Initiative. Joyful. Kindness. Logical. Loving. Observant. Optimistic. Patient. Persistent. Polite. Quick. Respectful. Responsible. Self Confident. Supportive. Sweet. Thankful. Thoughtful. Trusting. Wise

Smiley the Lion (Ebook)

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